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Ragnarok-V0 Vol-1 fix 1

Ragnarok V0 Interesting take on isekai Genre

Chapter 1: The times have Changed

how did it came to this Points Murderous Psychopath of an Angelnoid Stab me and it looks like this is how I'm going to die and then a Beautiful angel coming from the sky to save me or I am dreaming Well my name is Leo and this is how one day made my life to normal to Unnatural this is me and my sister how Got into the world of the dimensional.

Well, it's that dream again A beautiful girl with a Halo and Golden Cross Shape in her eyes it was Glowing a golden color as well with Majestic black hair Come to save me of all people and then I hear a voice saying, LEO GETS UP it time to get up Leo say ok I'm up what is it we're are going to be late for school This is my little sister Kate Well I forgot to make breakfast again Kate said Well I already made breakfast because you were too busy sleeping at least be a little responsible in your life well that my little sister for you will if you know more about me Pretty much a lazy High School boys that do not like
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responsibility Tell you the truth my little sister's more responsible than me is the It's possible one in the house You're probably wondering where are our “parents” were killed by Mysterious creature but UN covered it up.
I and my sister also go to high school my little sister is 17 and I'm 1 year older than so technically I'm 18 Just another day in London well the schools We go London Knight High No it not a school for Knights it the new High School I guess that's the name they decided Okay big brother Meet me outside of the school When the school day is over Okay big brother Leo sign says okay I guess, Don't do that ringtone with me my Sister says reply to me and with an Adorable Angry face her cheeks are all reds Kate says Big bro don't forget to meet me here okay, yeah I won't forget and after that, I went to class then one thing I did In my life that wasn't lazy And that's when my dad took me to a martial arts Club Got his friend as the coach of I Remember me and my dad Like
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watching old martial arts movie The martial arts club it have been least 3 years Then it got shut down for an unknown reason and then my friend zane tells me that we have a test today And I forgot that the teacher told us at last that Didn't matter because I fell asleep in class so my test score was -1.0 out 50 Oh my I started tearing realizing that my sister's going skulk for failing the test for being lazy and then the say to Everyone Before you head out of class to have lunch Finished your assignment before you Head out and then that's when I saw it again a beautiful girl with golden cross-eyes and beautiful black-haired But like the last times she disappeared with no Trace I didn't think much of it So I went to the lunchroom table I go to my friend Zane and his friend Zane tells me to look who's coming and I saw it was my little sister I definitely could tell that she wasn't happy I heard
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one of Zane's friends say looks like someone's In trouble I get it now I know that he was just making fun of me I decided to make it not as embarrassing it is’ talking to my sister with a worried face well kate tells me well I just got permission from your teacher It will have a study Session my sister tells me The study session will be you and me and then friend started laughing at me that sounds so like Leo fail the test because he fell asleep on test day Well after that event has been several hours in the school day as pass and finally the day was over and then my sister comes holds my hands and then I and my sister start heading to the bus stop to take the bus We were at the bus stop that's when things started getting bad then cars went flying at the building next to the bus stop and this guy started laughing saying This is true power This is amazing The guy kind of had a baseball Cap backward Wearing a leather jacket and was carrying a baseball bat
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