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My Feeling

A life story of my feeling onto a girl that I like

Sayaovong Soulitdavang
Dechia Xiong
My Feeling

Hello! So today I will be writing an essay dedicated towards you, Dechia Xiong. I will be touching on some topics such as Dechia, my feelings, my emotions, and much more. If you are reading this, hopefully, it will not be weird after you have read the whole essay. Well, let's get into the five paragraphs.
Dechia Xiong is a very unique, nice, respectful, and humble individual. There is a lot more to talk about, but I’m not going to go into the details. I have been friends with her since seventh grade and we barely talk a lot because she is kinda fake toward me. Anyways, her actions show that she is super grateful towards those she cares about. She shows respect to whom she cares about when most people don't show their gratitude towards their friends. That is how I see Dechia as a person in my eyes. I caught feelings for Dechia in seventh grade. As we became closer I began to realize how much of an outstanding and inspiring person
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you were. .ein. The thing I like most about you is your attitude and the way you act upon them, poking fun and laughing along with it. Even though today, you say a lot of bad words, this part of you is still present day. I remember at Grace Halloween party, you and I was still a friend. We were pretty close by us hanging out. Even though, during the time I didn't tell you that I liked you. But, either way, it was a good thing I didn' tell you because it will ruin our relationship at the party. Let's move on to the next topic, shall we?
I’ve already asked, and you’ve already friend-zoned me back then, but I’m just writing this to you as a way to express my honest feelings about you. Either you believe it or not, it is up to you. Do you ask why I won’t waste your time? Well, that's a very hard question to answer. Dating is about wasting time, but it also depends. During this time of the year, you will waste time because of COVID 19. I don’t have a reason as to why I wouldn’t waste your
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time, but dating would always be about love and showing feelings toward each other. Dating is an experience that acts as a stepping stone towards marriage in the future. Dating me wouldn’t improve your time because a boyfriend can’t improve your life completely. For me, you, yourself have to improve on your own. But, all I can do as myself is spend time and express my feelings towards you instead of hiding it, haha. Dating is always about wasting time and while having fun too. Just because a person has a good reason for not wasting time, it doesn't mean you should date them. You have to love them enough and willing to waste your own time too.
You asked me, how do I make you fall for me? My opinion is maybe, being friends, getting close, and maybe spending time together. I also believe you cannot change a person's feelings if they have already decided to set their mind on someone else and not you, or simply never being able to return those feelings. Just like myself, I tried to get Chee’s
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heart, but in the end, it doesn't even matter. Therefore, getting your heart will be harder for me because I give my all just like I did to Chee .You may be thinking, you aren’t like my Kpop or anime characters. But, all I can say is there is zero! Yes! Zero percent chance you're getting them. I know I’m not perfect like them, but at least I’m writing this and showing you my genuine feelings when even I don’t know them myself. PerhapsI’m bored? I don’t know.
I’m Soulitdavang Sayaovong as you already know. Therefore, let’s go into the details. I’m a person that doesn’t like society much, such as interacting with outside people. I’m a person who likes to be independent and also like being with close friends and family only. I’m not smart, but I think I’m smart in my ways. I’m not good at talking, but I am speaking the truth from my feeling toward you. I'm also an emotional guy, I cry easily and get emotional quickly. Not many people know about this, so I'll tell
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