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Book written by Krisha Shah

Autobiography of a medicine

Life of a Medicine

Hey guys do you want to listen my life story? Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I am a medicine which does not easily melts. It only melts when it goes in the Intestine. Let me start. I was made in a factory and then packed in a suffocating box. Then when I was removed from that box, I felt relaxed. I was brought in a chemist called Bhavesh Chemist. Then a sweet girl named Jiya came and bought me.I made friends. They told that when we go inside their body it is very pectrifying. After some days it was my time to go and when she kept me inside her mouth. I saw large white stones and then I realised that that stones where teeth.Then with help of water,I slipped like a slide.Then I reached in a stinky place. I felt like puking. Then I realised that it was stomach. I went through a slide which was bumpy.It was intestine. I was feeling that everything was getting bigger.I understood that everything was not getting bigger, I was getting smaller.Then my life came to an end. Now I amin the Heaven.Aahh(Yawning),
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now I am feeling sleepy so I am going Good Night Bye.
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