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Reasons to be Scared

A series of short horror stories.

The house was kept derelict; it looked abandoned and exuded a sense of darkness. I walked into the old and creaky house afraid something would jump out at me. I walked around the house where, in almost every corner, I saw cobwebs. I walked into a dark hallway that displayed a painting that caught my attention. The portrait was an ominous, black and white painting of a little girl with long, curly hair. The little girl in the painting was wearing a dress with puffy sleeves adorning her slender arms, and the length of the dress seemed to go just above her knees with very intricate patterns sewn all across her dress.
At the end of the hallway there was a door to the left. I opened it and almost right away I noticed an old white cot with baby blue linen draped around it. next to the cot was a rocking chair holding a brown teddy bear with button eyes that seemed to look into your soul unblinkingly. on the other
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side of the room above a dark red bookshelf that sat next to an old white vanity with a broken mirror that has a creepy looking porcelain doll that has a face without blemishes, and around its shoulders laid long golden locks, sitting on top. Above the bookshelf was a disturbing painting of a little girl lying on a bed, with her eyes wife open, looking scared. The painting looked as if she was trying to hide under the blanket. Her face was vaguely similar to the girl in the first painting. Her hair hung loosely along her face, making her face seem slender and almost looking as if she is malnourished.
I left the room with chills down my back. I did not spend as time in the other rooms as I did the first. I looked for a room that I felt would be safe to sleep in for the remainder of the night. I was very cautious about the room I would be sleeping in. I went to go look in the family room, there were more portraits on each wall. They all seemed to have the same little girl as the
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first two paintings and were just as disturbing.
As i walked around the house, I heard someone laughing. The laugh sounded like a woman who was manic and loud. I walked with purpose, trying to navigate where the laughing is coming form. it sounded like the laughter was coming from the first room I went to. As I got closer to the door the laughter got louder. I put my hand on the handle of the door and the laughter stops. I walk into the room to find everything scattered. The cot was laying on its side, the painting of the little girl was hung out of place, and the bear was nowhere to be found. On the walls behind the fallen cot was a shadow of the cot upright and a woman sitting next to it in the rocking chair and in the cot was not a baby but the shadow of the teddy bear.
Deciding I had imagined it, I walked out of the room and shut the door tightly behind me. As soon as I closed the door the laughing started again; this time it was the laughter of a child. Again, as I put my
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hand on the handle the laughter stopped; but this time when I opened the door everything was back to the way it was before. The bear though was sitting atop the bookshelf by the doll who used to be on the vanity. the portrait, bear, and doll all seemed to be staring at me. For a moment I thought I saw the girl int he painting smile. I ran out of the room, out of the, and left hope never to return.
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