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The Mysterious Girl

This is my first story. And next part in process.

That day I was sitting in my house and was wondering what is happening in my life, who was that girl, where did she come from?

I was wondering what the girl's name was? There were a lot of questions going on in my mind?

I did not even understand that something like this could happen in my life too. It was 2 months ago. We were all in college and doing our class. That day we had a practical in college, so I and my friends were staying and as usual our practical was late. It was 4 o'clock in the evening and we were all still in college. The whole college was empty. We all came out of the canteen and reached the college gate. All my friends were going home because they had time for their bus and my brother had not come yet to pick me up. And when I called my brother, my brother said that he will take 30 minutes to come, so I stopped and started waiting for my brother. My college was practicing marching that day, so I was watching that marching, so suddenly my eyes fell on that girl.

I saw
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that girl standing there even 3 hours ago, she was still standing there, I felt very strange what was she doing there for so long? That girl was standing outside our college, I thought she might have some work, anyway, I was very interested in talking to unknown people. Outside my college, a lot of people used to come every day but that day that girl caught my attention. The girl's clothes were very simple and she had a scarf on her head that covered her face and she did not look like a normal girl. The girl was wearing a very simple sandal and the simple watch and the woman of medium height was very beautiful and it was known from her feet. I was feeling very much that I should go and talk to that girl and then I thought that would be a little strange. The girl stood at the college gate for a long time and she had a bag, it was a very strange bag, a small hand-made bag. Then I called my brother how much time he would take, then my brother said that it would take another 15 minutes, then
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I stopped and started waiting so that girl suddenly came to college and started asking me, is your name Huzaifa? I was shocked to hear that how did she know my name? I was shocked how did she know me? While I do not know that girl, I thought that I might have forgotten her. I told the girl very well that yes my name is Huzaifa but how do you know me? And who are you? I asked the girl very kindly, how did she know me? As soon as I asked her she was nervous like she had seen the ghost.

The girl's eyes were as if the sea of tears would spill from her eyes. Before I could ask the girl anything, she kept her bag in my hand and she started leaving, I did not understand what was happening? I started following her to stop the girl before I could stop her, a car came in front of our gate and she sat in it and went away. I could not understand what had just happened? Could I have thought something? Could I understand something? Before that girl left. I wanted to open that bag and see what was there
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init? At the same time, my brother came and I quickly put that bag in my bag. That bag was small, so that bag came in my bag. I quickly sat in the car with my brother and we left college.

My brother asked me many times what happened? Is there a problem? Why are you so silent? But I did not answer. I could not answer my brother's questions only because I did not know anything, what would I tell my brother? Thousands of questions were going through my mind that who was that girl? What is there in that bag? And I was afraid that if there were any wrong things in that bag?
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