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Time Spirit

Kino and Baan are bonded by a unknown force.

Opening my eyes to feel the flaky crust located at the edge of my eyelid, to my left on my bedside able is my digital alarm clock. It reads 5:57 in the morning, three minutes before my ever so annoying alarm rings to wake me up. I rub the crust out of the corner of my eye, rubbing my closed eyes to wake me up. I begin to get up out of my bed, snoozing my alarm right when it turns to six o'clock, slipping on my running shoes, and made my way to my front door.

In a shaky voice I say out loud "It is really freaking cold, why do I even do this everyday?"

Next to my apartment door, a neighbor I seem to catch everyday coming out at the same time as me. Her and I look at each other, I look away immediately, she comments "Jesus why the hell is it so damn cold?"

Complimenting what I said, if only I said it three seconds later I could be having an actual conversation. Yet there she goes, off to wherever Mrs. 305 goes at six in the morning.

Standing in the middle of the apartment hallway looking
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ridiculous, I thought to myself "I best get going, before I have to go to work."

I trotted my way towards the main street my apartment is on. My daily routine is to follow this sidewalk north into a path that branches out into a national park. Pine trees as far as the eye can see, the smell is quite intoxicating. I began to make my way five kilometers deeper into the woods. A few more minutes and my mundane life will change, as if I imagined these events to carry out.

The sun with great effort shining through the pine tree needles lighting the trail ahead of me. Behind me I begin to hear a small crackling noise growing louder and louder until I hear one final burst of noise. I dived onto the dirt ground, covering my ears in reaction to the piercing noise and yelling in confusion "Thunder?"

With effort I stand up from the ground, scared from this noise that shot my eye drums. I turned around and pointed right in between my eyes was a revolver. Reflective metal with a leather grip with
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a design peering from the users steady hand that had a distinct roman numeral nine tattooed onto the ring finger. In a split second I counted only two bullets in the reserves, my eyes making their way to the mans face. Features such as dirty and rugged were the first descriptions to come to mind along with piercing blue eyes. The mysterious man was outfitted in a full cowboy apparel, cowboy hat and all. In three seconds of silence my thoughts were interrupted with a click of the revolver.

There was no bullet ready to fire. The strange man looked at his revolver and pointed it at the ground. Sweat began to drip from my forehead and anxiety consumed my body, my legs shaking from confusion, tears developing from fear, mouth becoming dry ever so slowly from suspense. A shot was discharged from the revolver, I jumped from the bang, the man smiled revealing his yellow teeth. He pointed the revolver between my eyes, the bridge of my nose covered in sweat.

Seconds away from getting my head blown
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off, an aura of the color blue surrounded the man. It crawled its way to me, connecting him and I. A warm sensation overwhelmed my senses, for a moment I would feel what he was feeling. The man was also scared, was he scared from this aura? Was he scared because he appeared out of nowhere? I do not know the answer but him and I felt the same emotion.

The aura slowly disappeared from the both of us. Along with the missing aura followed our normal individuality of our emotions. Astonished to what occurred, the mans baby blue eyes and my purple colored eyes met. A brotherly feeling flooded my brain.
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