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clue of the devils jewel

Noah mom was being held hostage by a guy

Chapter 1
January 13th I thought it would be a regular day but I was far from right. I was walking down the street with Harper and suddenly we both heard this loud scream coming from a dark alleyway on Antara street. I looked around the corner hoping that whatever is behind that corner doesn't see me I look and I see a woman I couldn't tell what she looked like it was so dark I was so scared I felt like crying but I knew I had to be strong for my little sister harper I told her to run why what's going on she asked I said I don't know we just need to get out of here as fast as possible don't stop running until you reach the house. What about you she said? I'll be right behind you just go harper running i run after her we run all the way to the house i looked at harper and said are you ok harper said yeah I'm fine are you ok yeah I'm fine let's just get inside before one of us gets hurt as we approach the house all the lights were
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off the windows were broken and our door was broken down harper yelled mom and ran inside i went after her everything was broken and flipped i went in the bathroom to find a bloody knife sitting on the counter i looked at harper and said where's mom harper looked at me and said i don't know maybe someone left us a note me and harper looked high and low for a note anything to find out if our mom was alive still or not ok think where would a note be maybe in her closet Noah looked and Noah found a box of stuff marked for my kids hm harper said never seen that in her closet before Noah nervously opened the box there's a note harper asked what does it say hey kids if you're reading this i need your help there is a guy named Melor he came in the house and destroyed everything he cut my leg open and he's holding me hostage and he's not going to let me go until he gets what he wants your father before he passed he owed Melor 10 thousand dollars wait dollars wait why did dad owe this guy 10 thousand
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dollars Noah looked over at her and said i don't know ok keep reading he was an undercover drug dealer and when you guys were born he wanted to to quit his job to set a good example for his kids he was doing his last delivery of drugs before he got mugged and all the stuff of was stolen your father owed Melor 10 thousand dollars for the drugs he had lost kids he won't let me go unless he gets what he wants please come to sastra ally and there will be someone there to let you in and do what he says i don't know if ill be alive still and if I'm not just know I Love YouI Love You so much all of our info is in the closet- love mom ok so not only was our dad a drug dealer but now our mother is being held hostage for something she probably didn't know about Noah looked at harper i don't know but what i know is we need to get down there as fast as possible before he kills the only thing we have left as a parent harper looked at Noah and said yeah lets go and they did they ran all the way to santa
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there was a guy standing there just as mom said hi sir were here for Melor he has our mom the guys said right this way he led us into an underground tunnel were we saw out mom tied to a chair beaten Noah gasped mom and out of nowhere Melor pops out and says you must be Noah and harper yes we are what do we have to do to get our mother back he turns his back and says you know what you guys don't have to do anything. Noah and Harper looked at each other nervously what do you mean you said we had to do everything you say and she gets released oh yes she was right about that but i changed my mind he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a knife noah yells no don't and slits open my there moms throat noah and harper drop to there knees crying why did you do that you MONSTER it had to be done with tears running down noah's face he looked up at the man that killed his mother and said what do you want from us melor. What do I want? He chuckled I want you two to give me what you dad lost and your mother never paid in return. Our mother never
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