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Mother dosent aprove

Lola has to move to Seattle and start a new life

As I sit in the car a strong sent of cows fills my nose, I pull the top of my t-shirt over my nose and mouth as we pass a tiny farm, Mother is reading some sappy romance novel and my dad is driving while humming an annoying tune, I glance out the window at watch as the world I once new zooms past. Were moving to Seattle because my dad got some lame job offer, I'm really going to miss my friends, but most of all, Lilac. Lilac was my bff ever since grade 1, we did everything together. I'm in grade 8 now, but ever since grade 6, I've had different feelings about Lilac... she started to seem like more than a friend, I blushed so much at one of our sleepovers he had her mom take my temperature! But I shouldn't think about it too much or else ill turn into one of moms romance novels! After six hours of driving we made it to our new house it was like looking at a blank wall! I almost fell waling up the stairs to the front porch (termites) on the plus side, we lived three blocks away form a beach,
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while my parents unpacked I decided to take a walk down to the beach, I stopped dead, I could have sworn I just saw Lilac, turns out it was just a lady that had the same hair color as her, I shrugged and walked on. after a while I came back home "LUNA SWELLSON WHERE HAVE YOU BEED?" Shrilled my mother "I said I was going for a walk, so I did" I was using a tone that I knew she hated "don't talk like that to your mother young lady! I wont tolerate sarcasm in this house!" "If you can call it house" I replied in the same tone. To sum it up in two minutes flat I was in my so called room, the walls were peeling and the closest thig I had to furniture was a pile of boxes I had arranged to the shape of a chair. I guess I would be stuck here for a while.

Author's note- I hope you enjoyed! I wanted to get this done quickly so I could post asap, It was an unexplainable urge to do something productive <3
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