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Book written by Alishia_stardust

Door Keys: A short Story

Based on my kickoff with the same name.

People trust me with their door keys; they should not. I wouldn't trust myself with anything if I could choose but here we are. I got her keys a few months ago and I insisted that she should keep them, but no. “You are my best friend, I trust you with my life. Why can't you have my house keys? " she asked. Although that's true, we have been best friends all my life, she still shouldn't trust me. I know it sounds strange, but everything seems to be strange right now and it's okay! I'm going to tell you why I think so, do you trust me?

It all started when Youtube recommended this spooky video about ghost rituals and stuff like that. They warned the viewers in the beginning to not do this, but common nobody thinks it’s real so why not try? Like you probably have guessed I tried. Paranormal things are really interesting and I usually read and watch stuff about it, but I never try it. This time I did, I tried all of them but none seemed to work. I thought nothing more about that and I got
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to sleep.

The day after that things started to happen. I blacked out a lot and under the time I was out, I seemed to walk. People around me didn’t notice a thing, they just said that I looked tired and nothing more. But I noticed. It felt weird. So, like you do when you feel weird, I took the bus to my doctors. My doctor is a very professional woman and she knows her doctor things, still she found no wrong with me. Somewhere around this time Shara, my best friend, said that I should have a copy of her keyes if something happens.

As the weeks went on so did the blacking out. Now I made promises and talked while I was out. Mom said I promised her to paint her kitchen and my friends said that I promised to by them dresses. I had no memory of that, I still don’t. But either way I did what they said I promised. What more have people told me? And what have I told them? Those questions popped up with no answer. I black out so much that it’s hard to know which day it is.

Yesterday I stood on
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my best Shara’s doorstep with no memory of going there. In my hand I had cold items. The doorkeys. I might have let out a sarcastic laugh If I weren't so scared and confused. Just when I reached for the doorbell I blacked out again. The next thing I know I’m home again in my bed. I started thinking that it must have been a dream. I make breakfast and open my phone to read the news. I have 1 missed call from my mom and 3 from my friend but It’s probably just some more promises so I ignore it.

The news is like the news always is. Someone have been murdered and a school shooting in california. I see something further down on the page, it’s a picture of Shara. I click on it and start reading. Maybe she got her finally books published? As i read the first line my heart stops. She was found dead this morning by her boyfriend who also have her doorkeys. The police suspects that the murderer might be someone else with her house keys.

I drop my phone and it land hard on the ground. It’s my fault,
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it must be. I were there yesterday but what happened while I was out?

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